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Webinar: Make it yourself! Generating hypochlorite onsite supports safety and savings 

This webinar will provide water system managers, operators and engineers a practical understanding of the science and implementation behind on-site sodium hypochlorite generation (OSHG) as a source of chlorine disinfection capacity for water and wastewater plants as well as distributed well systems.  A certificate of completion will be sent out after the webinar.  CEU credits are available in some states.   


Recorded on May 22, 2024, 1:00 PM EST (US)

What to expect:

  • The basics of electrolytic generation of sodium hypochlorite or bleach
    • Understanding the relationships between table salt (NaCl), electricity, softened water, hydrogen and the bleach product
    • Economic considerations versus bulk hypochlorite and OSHG
  • Equipment Components and Technical Design
    • Previous generations of OSHG equipment versus current generation
    • Role of equipment components
    • Process flow diagram walk-through
    • Engineering design considerations and lessons learned
  • Case Studies

Who Should Attend:

  • Water system managers
  • Operators
  • Engineers
  • Operations
  • Safety Administrators

Presenter Bio:

Pete Kyrkos is the Southeastern Regional Manager for Cleanwater1. Previously Pete worked for Parker Hannifin Corporation specializing in instrumentation, sampling, and process control solutions, and has spent the past 10 years working with utilities to solve water quality challenges in the distribution system with a focus on disinfection by-products leveraging his engineering background and applications experience to help deliver powerful solutions to the industry professionals which he serves.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Attendees will understand the basics of on-site generation of hypochlorite as an option for water or wastewater disinfection versus gas chlorine or commercial strength bleach
  • Attendees will understand the roles of OSHG components as part of an overall OSHG system
  • Attendees will be able relate to many applications of OSHG in both large and small plants as well as in applications distant from plants in the well fields or distribution systems

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